Amerione Corporation is created as a private operating foundation for the exempt purposes of providing income-based affordable housing, accredited income-share higher education, scientific research and travel and tourism.

The hierarchy of management is defined by an administrative board and a governing board. The administrative board consists of the Foundation Manager, Foundation Secretary and Foundation Treasurer. The governing board consists of the Executive Director for each chapter.

A Chapter is defined as the geographical division of a state, territory, or country. Each Chapter will have their own Chapter Secretary and Chapter Treasurer.

A non-profit, exempt organization is NOT owned by a single person or entity but is owned by the public community.

Membership is open to non-sanctioned individuals and entitles the membership voting rights.

Membership is NOT REQUIRED to be a beneficiary of Amerione Corporation services. The board members cannot be beneficiaries of the foundation services.

Membership is annual recurring fee of $20. There is no maximum of the number of members from non-sanctioned locations. The membership is NOT tax deductible because the member is receiving the right of voting.

To begin your membership, navigate to the donation page and choose Membership and follow the instructions.