About Funding

Since Amerione Corporation is a private operating foundation, the foundation is permitted to create tax exempt income from the exempt purposes. The foundation will also seek funding from public sources. The funding is categorized into two groups: INTERNAL and EXTERNAL.

Internal Funding

Internal funding is defined as income derived from the operations, membership fees, board contributions, non-tax exempt contributions and support received from PressPage Entertainment Inc. Any expenditure may be made from Internal funds, including salaries.

External Funding

External Funding is defined as income derived from public sources such as donors not associated with the foundation, tax exempt bonds, federal, state and local grants, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency non-fungible tokens, and donated products and services. External funding may only be used for the direct development of the foundation exempt purposes. External funding may not be used for salaries, reimbursements (unless the reimbursement is directly related to the exempt purpose). Example uses of external funds includes but not limited to the acquisition of a multifamily rental unit, course acquisition from external sources, acquisition of hospitality facility, or direct scientific research development.