A Private Operating Foundation

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As a private operating foundation, we devote our time to following exempt purposes.


  • Income-based Residential Housing

    When a tenant feels good about their residence, the community benefits

  • Accredited Income Share Agreement Secondary Education

    Improving the quallity of an ISA secondary education with accreditation

  • Affordable Travel & Tourism

    Spend less on lodging and more on the local economy you are visiting

  • Advancement in Scientific Research

    Reducing the costs of qualified commercial and scientific locations for scientific research

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About Funding

As a private operating foundation, we must maintain ongoing funding. Learn more about our fundrasing and funding?

  • Private Donations
  • Tax exempt bonds
  • Federal Grants
  • State Grants
  • Donated materials and services


Meet the Leadership

The following are the top foundation leaders aka foundation-wide leadership!

Patrick O Ingle

The Foundation Manager is responsible for the overall operation of the foundation.


The Foundation Treasurer is responsible for the foundation-wide finances and reporting. The FT should be a licensed CPA with non-profit experience

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The Foundation Secretary is responsible for the foundation-wide communication compliance. The FS should be a licensed attorney with non-profit experience.

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